Custom surveys,
data analytics,
visualizations is a client service site provided by Insights for Development, a consulting practice in international development.



Through this server we offer a range of digital services to clients with active consulting projects. If you are one of our existing clients, you are provided with a custom link to your relevant applications. If you are interested to learn more, please visit us at

A powerful survey platform

Our systems are state-of-the-art web and mobile friendly. Users can participate in surveys provided in multiple languages and still feed into the same, integrated data set. This makes analysis fast and consistent.

Mobile data collection

We collaborate with industry-leading providers of mobile data collection platforms to offer our clients the ability to deploy mobile survey data collection, IVR or telephone polling, and customer engagement services.

Insightsful analytics

We look for answers to your questions using all the relevant data available. Having the right quantitative and qualitative tools is important to ensure that no insights are missed.

Effective visualizations

Get insights faster through our custom visualizations, whether it's charts, infographics, mapping or displaying your data on an interactive dashboard.

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We are a Berlin-based consulting practice in international development, hosted by Clemens Gros consulting.